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Exposed Aggregate

Throughout Eastern Washington and all of the Northwest, Exposed Aggregate Concrete is very popular for the construction of driveways, patios and sidewalks. It is also commonly known as pea gravel concrete or exposed chip, depending on the type of rock used in the mix. This appearance is achieved by actually removing the top layer of cement after the concrete is poured. Although the surface is extremely resistant to wear, it is also extremely porous and vulnerable to erosion, salt and freeze thaw damage. Over just a very short period of time salt or freezing water in the concrete can quickly cause the stones to loosen and break away from the surface causing irreversible damage. It is extremely important to seal and waterproof exposed aggregate to prevent this kind of damage. We have sealers available to also enhance the color and provide a beautiful wet look, as well as penetrating sealers that protect while leaving a completely natural appearance.



We have pioneered staining and faux finishing techniques that can add a textured appearance to a polished floor adding great visual interest.