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Maintenance Program

Daily Maintenance:

  • Dust mop surface to remove any debris and grit from the floor. On larger and retail floors, this may be needed several times daily.
  • Inspect floor for spills and contaminants, if spills or contaminants are found, follow the weekly maintenance instructions for removing them.
  • To avoid tape mark, be sure to peel it off promptly.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Thoroughly dust mop surface.
  • Use PCM floor cleaner in clean water to make ready to use soap.
    • Do not use soap not intended for use on POLSIHED concrete, as it can etch and dull the finish of your floor.
  • Mop cleaning solution onto floor allowing slight puddling.
  • Use push broom to agitate cleaning solution and break surface tension of debris and grit.
  • Allow cleaning solution to dwell on surface for a sufficient amount of time (typically 5-10 minutes) before removing.
  • Squeegee area free of cleaning solution.
  • Mop/vacuum up excess cleaning solution.

Annual/Semiannual maintenance:

  • Follow daily and weekly maintenance schedule.
  • Contact Pacific Grinding to schedule your Annual or Semiannual Maintenance.

Maintenance program consists of:

  • Deep cleaning of floor
  • Inspection for stains/etching
  • Addressing flaws and stains in the floor to restore like new appearance
  • Re application of polished concrete sealer
  • High speed burnish floor with diamond impregnated pad
  • Re-education for any cleaning/maintenance that may be needed.

Call us today with any questions or concerns regarding your floor.


Our equipment does not rely on costly generators to operate. Most 200 amp electrical panels will run our equipment. We pass the generator savings directly onto you.