Polished Concrete Contractor

What to look for in a polished concrete contractor.

Dust control: When grinding concrete, large amounts of dust is produced. This dust contains silica and should not be breathed in. There are different ways to combat this dust problem. One way many contractors choose to take is grind the concrete wet. This will all but eliminate any airborne dust, however, it can be quite a task to mask off and clean any mud / slurry from surfaces. When dry grinding it is important that the vacuums be HEPA rated vacuums, and are able to keep up with the amount of dust being generated by the grinders. It is considered normal to have a small amount of residual dust on the floor, after the machine grinds. There should however not be airborne dust or dust visually floating in the air. Our vacuums are specifically designed for their task, and provide virtually dust free dry grinding operations.

Well maintained equipment: It is common in the concrete and polishing industry for some tools/machines to have rust on them due to the corrosive environment in which they work. Not staying up on maintenance in respect to machinery can lead to extensive down time. This lack of maintenance can have a direct impact on your projects timeline and quite often delay your project. If a contractor’s equipment looks to be in good condition despite a few surface imperfections you can bet that they are keeping up on their maintenance. However, if their equipment has trash stashed on or in it, and has pieces broken or missing it is likely they have seriously neglected maintenance. Our equipment is maintained on a weekly basis, regardless of if it’s needed or not. To date, we have had zero on the job equipment break downs.

Cleanliness: Concrete grinding and polishing can be a very dirty and dusty job. Concrete dust is very fine and light, this means that it can get on and in just about anything. If your contractor is not conducting a clean and organized job site, you will almost undoubtedly end up with a large mess after they have left. Another common cause of damage and cleanliness issues comes by contractors placing drink cups and tools on your belongings / shelves. We have a strict policy on cleanliness and tidiness on our jobs. All dust is stored outside of the work area (outside the building if possible) and absolutely no personal items or tools get rested on your belongings or shelves.

Expertise: In today’s modern age, it is quite easy to read something on the internet and become well versed in it. You would not want your doctor to only have read something once before operating on you, and making permeant expensive changes to your concrete flooring should be no different. Just because one contractor may specialize in large retail and large commercial grinding and polishing operations does NOT meant that they will do well with custom coloring or unique branding specific to you. We pride ourselves on being leaders in what is possible with custom design and stain work. When we perform a job, it is to a higher more professional standard.

Customer Service: Regardless of if your job is $250,000.00 or $10.00 you deserve to be treated with respect and value. Often time’s contractors can play favorites and devote more of their attention towards bigger customers. This can leave your project neglected and under staffed / behind schedule. Proper scheduling and attention to detail can prevent this, don’t let yourself or your project fall thought the cracks. We pay extreme attention to detail when it comes to scheduling jobs and handling your account. We understand that our customers are what makes us who we are, and value each and every client regardless of contract amount.

Honesty: As with many things in life, time is money. This mentality can however lead to your floor not being what you paid for. With more and more technology being developed for the polishing industry, many contractors have begun skipping steps during grinding to finish floors faster. Although this is great news for the contractor, this may not be good news for you. Floors that have not been properly refined will lose their finish and gloss quickly. In large public facilities, this can mean a floor that was installed just one year prior is already dull and flat. If you paid for a 3000 grit floor, but your floor was not ground 8-9 times minimum, you did not receive what you paid for. We take great care to tailor each job to your budget and design requirements, we also stand behind what is quoted 100%.

Support: Many contractors have an “in and out” mentality when it comes to their jobs. This can also apply to their interactions with you. As part of our comprehensive packages, you will receive free design consulting and advice as to what will look good in your space. In addition we provide a free after installation maintenance kit, as well as onsite training for how to care for your floor. As part of every bid, we will provide you with all chemical, diamond, and color information including available tech data sheets and application rates. With this detailed knowledge of what exactly is going into and onto your floor, you can rest assured your project will be done correctly the first time.

With this information in hand, you will have enough knowledge to make a decision on your project that will end with success.

Did You Know ?

Polished Concrete is very durable and stain resistant. This floor had chemicals and oil spilt on it daily, and it still looks brand new after 3 years.